Blue ice ice cream recipe

Blue ice ice cream recipe

Looking for homemade ice cream recipes to make and profit? Here at TudoReceitas we share with you recipes of various flavors of geladinho, this summer delight that is also called Sacolé, chupchup and dindin in other regions of Brazil.

One of the ice cream flavors that you can easily prepare at home is blue ice, also called sky blue, the darling of children! But what is the blue ice flavor? In fact, this is not a specific flavor, it is just a condensed milk ice cream prepared with a powder to mix for ice cream that turns the preparation blue. That simple!

Here at TudoReceitas we share with you step-by-step photos of how to make blue ice ice cream with milk and condensed milk or with water and gelatin. Keep reading and try it!

Ingredients for making Blue Ice Geladinho:

 1 liter of whole milk

 1 can of condensed milk (395 g)

 1 tablespoon of powder mixture for ice cream flavor blue ice or blue sky

 1 tablespoon of neutral alloy

How to make Geladinho blue ice:

In a blender place the whole milk, condensed milk and powdered mixture for ice cream flavor blue ice or sky blue. Beat for 1-2 minutes, until well blended.

Tip: If you want a more intense color, add more of the powder mixture to blue ice ice cream.

Then add the neutral alloy and beat to mix. The preparation for your blue sky ice cream is ready, now just put it in the ice cream bags.

Tip: The neutral alloy is the ingredient responsible for not letting the ice cream melt as soon as it comes out of the freezer, in addition to making the mixture creamier.

Take the ice cream bags and add a portion of the previous mixture, using a funnel to facilitate. Then, using your fingers, press the bag from the liquid of the ice cream to the top, to remove all the air. Hold the tip of the bag and rotate it so the plastic in the bag is close to the liquid. Tie a knot and cut off excess.

Tip: Use bags of size 5 x 24, which will hold 150-180 ml of the ice cream mixture. After placing the mixture there should be about 2-3 fingers of slack left in the bag, to make the knot easily.

Place in the freezer for at least 6 hours (ideally, let the ice cream freeze overnight). Now just sell your creamy blue ice geladinho and delight everyone! Try it out and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Tip: You can freeze the ice cream for up to 3 months. The amount of this recipe yields around 10 ice creams.

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Blue ice ice cream with water

Now that you know how to make the traditional blue ice ice cream, also discover the blue ice ice cream 

Blue ice ice cream recipe

recipe with water instead of whole milk with gelatin instead of powdered ice cream mix. This blue geladinho with gelatine is not as creamy as the one prepared with whole milk, however it is an alternative for those who want to save money on the preparation of homemade ice cream!

See how to make ice cream blue ice with water:

Dissolve 1 box of tutti-frutti gelatine in 250 ml of boiling water (1/4 of a liter) and add 250 ml of cold or iced water;

Place the gelatine preparation in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes, until it cools, but not firm;

Then mix 1 can of condensed milk (395 g) into the gelatin (do this in a bowl or blender;

Optionally you can put 1 tablespoon of neutral alloy and mix well until dissolved;

With the help of a funnel or pitcher with a spout, pour the gelatine and condensed milk mixture into the ice cream bags, leaving a 2-3 finger margin to tie the knot;

Hold the tip of the bag and rotate it so the plastic in the bag is close to the liquid. Tie a knot and cut off excess;

Reserve this blue ice cream with gelatin in the freezer until it hardens. You may be interested to read about the liver and eggs blogpost/ chestnut cookies recipe/ strawberry cheesecake slice recipe/ golden honey recipe/ Moroccan lentil salad recipe.